School/Community Projects

The Four Seasons by primary students at Cambridge Montessori School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
Very imaginative use of materials.

Girl with Balloon, after Banksy by Lily, Dunsford Community Academy, UK.
Home schooling art project during lockdown, April 2020.
    A stunning new take on Hokusai's Great Wave by a class of 10 year old students in La Rochelle, France
Work by Year 2 children at Fairfield Infant and Nursery School, Buxton for their topic 'Our World'
Great work Year 2!
Lovely pictures by 3rd grade students in Mrs. McAlpin's ACCENT class, Northside Elementary School, Clinton, Mississippi.
     April 2019
Beautifully colourful work by Primary 2 children from St. Peter's Primary School, Cloughreagh in Northern Ireland

     April 2019
Lovely work for their Spring Art Show by Judson Weekday Pre-school, Nashville, Tennessee.

     Fab picture of her pet collie dog Ceri by Izzy Budd. Wonderful expression!
     *Rainbow of Our Life* by the lovely children at Clyst Heath Primary School Exeter (Mrs Barrett's class) whom I visited in May 2017
(see Blog May 18th)


     Collaborative work by Year 4 class, Combe St Nicholas Primary School in Chard, made for their topic 'Good to be Green'.
     9 year old Claire Newton from Villa Montessori School, Phoenix, Arizona with her lovely picture of a cockatoo (in progress and finished)
  Lovely work by year 4 pupils,
St Thomas' C of E school
St Anne's on the Sea, Lancashire
   Angelina Jolie by Laura Sobczyk (17) from Germany
   Sunflowers by Year 2, St. John's RC Primary School, Rotherhithe, London, sent to me by their teacher Pippa Moss - colourful!
   Portrait Simon Cowell by year 4 pupils at Brook Field School, Shaw, Swindon. May 2015
   Portrait of Ed Sheeran by year 4 pupils at Brook Field School, Shaw, Swindon. May 2015
   Portrait by GCSE student Isabella Vogel from London - beautiful!
   Nov 2014, School Logo (with house colours in corners), Clevedon School, North Somerset.


   July 2014 - The Circus Rider, after Chagall
by The Little Bits Workshop, Illinois, USA.

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April 2014 - Van Gogh's Sunflowers, created by children in San Francisco. The art project was organised by Cindy Morris, a retired art teacher who holds an annual art event at her grand-daughter's school to raise money for the school.



This image of Bradley Wiggins was made in the summer of 2013 by pupils of Doddiscombsleigh Primary School, Devon.



Jane Parr, a primary school teacher from Twickenham sent this photo of their Rainbow. Every child in the school brought in some materials to add and took part in the project. Wonderful!