Self Portrait of Nicholas Hilliard

Exeter-born Hilliard is well known locally as miniature portrait artist to Queen Elizabeth I.
The original self-portrait created in 1577 is now in the V&A museum.

Miniature under the Microscope (Self -Portrait of Nicholas Hilliard, 1577)
Jane Perkins, 2010
Collage from Found Materials, 105cm x 105 cm


I Spy with my little eye ....
an amber star and an upside-down fly,
a sword, a comb and a whisky cork,
a spiral shell and two plastic forks.

I Spy a knife with a handle of blue,
a pair of gold wings and a sea-lion too,
a pale giraffe which is part of a face,
an oyster shell, and a car meant to race.


I Spy a heart and a shell on a nose,
a blue golf tee and a golden rose,
a pair of spectacles that have been broken,
a diamond heart - maybe once a love token?

I Spy fourteen hooks from a curtain,
a gold ivy leaf and a pair of bison,
I spy a fat caterpillar of blue
and two beady eyes which are looking at you.

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